The registration of a trademark is the first step towards protecting one’s brand name. A trademark is a symbol and can it can be a name/image/text/label/sound. Once a trademark is registered, it becomes a precious asset for a business. The business can use the trademark to create a unique brand position with its customers.

To ensure an individual has full control over it, he or she needs to keep a close watch on all the possible attempts by other businesses/individuals who may register similar trademarks, even if these are in connection with other domains. While the Registrar does have its own set of rules for approving trademarks, that in itself is not enough to ensure that no similar/identical brand names are registered. This is where a trademark watch comes into play. It helps to keep an individual informed of any similar brand names across the web/or any new applications at the trademark office, both in India and abroad.


  • TIMELY INTERVENTION OF TRADEMARK MISUSE: The whole idea of a trademark registration for a company is to assert its rights. Once a company’s trademark is registered, it may think that their rights are protected. But, that is not the case always. All new trademark applications must go through scrutiny by an official trademark examiner. However, an examiner, due to lack of knowledge or otherwise, may end up approving a new trademark with competing similarities. An efficient trademark watch service helps prevent such a situation and can help an individual to protect your legal rights. A trademark watch will keep an individual informed of any attempts to register a trademark/having any kind of visual/phonetic resemblance to that of their own. The earlier a trademark misuse is identified, the easier it is for an individual to act against such infringements while helping him or her enforce their trademark rights.
  • KEEPING THE BRAND VALUE INTACT: For an individual to be in control of their brand value, one must know how it and similar words are being used in public. A trademark watch keeps an individual apprised of how their brand value is being used, even outside their industry.


Our team at ACE ALLIANCE value trademarks as unique creations for promoting a brand. Hence, we have designed a customized trademark watch to suit an individual/company’s trademark needs.

  • Our trademark watch identifies similarities in word meanings. It is just not restricted to similar/identical word matches
  • Our team at ACE ALLIANCE uses technology to identify visual and phonetic resemblances
  • Our team will provide timely reports so that an individual can move fast to protect their intellectual property
  • ACE ALLIANCE has a user-friendly portal where an individual can store and review their trademark watch reports