Website Terms & Conditions is a legal document which explains the terms and conditions, that a website user must abide by, when using a website/e-commerce platform/mobile application. The Website terms and conditions agreement provides all the terms of use of the website/mobile application, gives the details of trademark or copyright rights, the disclaimer of liability, acceptable use clause etc which have to be provided as per the Information Technology Act, 2000 . It also gives the applicable jurisdiction in case of dispute.
Website Terms and Conditions must be used by any website/blog/website which offers services to the public/e-commerce website. It is mandatory for a website to inform the users of their legal rights. The website terms and conditions inform the users of the restrictions on the use of information, any other sensitive data or details which are displayed on the website. The Website terms & conditions must be displayed on the website, in a prominent manner, at the footer of the website. The document should mention the last change date and details, as per the norms of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, any corporate/entity/organization that deals or handles sensitive personal data or information, has to maintain security practices and procedures, which are designed to protect such information from unauthorised access/use/damage/disclosure/modification or impairment. All such entities that deal or handle such data or information must provide this information when, asked/called for by competent authorities. They must also comply with all the terms and conditions of the Information Technology Act 2000.
The Information Technology Act lists various offences and provides for penalties for such offences.

  1. Any person who knowingly or intentionally hides, destroys or alters or intentionally or causes another person to hide, destroy or alter any computer source code/computer programme/computer system/or computer network, can be punished with imprisonment up to three years/or with a fine upto two lakh rupees/or with both
  2. Any individual with the intent to cause or intentionally tries to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public/or any person destroys/or deletes or alters any information that resides in a computer resource/or reduces its value/utility/or affects it grieveously by any means, has committed hacking. Any person who has committed hacking can be imprisoned of up to three years, or fined upto two lakh rupees, or with both in some cases
  3. Any person who publishes/transmits/or causes to publish any content in electronic form, which is obscene or corrupt, may be punished on his or her first conviction with imprisonment for upto five years and fined upto ten lakh rupees. In the event of a second or subsequent conviction, the imprisonment may extend to seven years and a fine of ten lakh rupees.
  4. Any individual who using a computer or communication device engages in any of the following activities will be punished with imprisonment for upto three years and with a fine. Those activities are stated below.
  5. By sending Information which is grossly offensive or is menacing in character
  6. By sending information that he or she knows is false, but is deliberately sent to cause danger/inconvenience/annoyance/insult/injury/obstruction/enemity/hatred/ill will criminal intimidation etc
  7. By sending emails to deceive/ inconvenience/create annoyance, or to misguide the addressee or recipient about the origin of such emails
    Any person who receives or retains any stolen computer resource/communication device that may have been stolen, is liable to be punished with imprisonment upto three years and/or with fined upto one lakh rupees.

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