Real Estate is a big domain. You may need assistance with a range of services. These can be related to lease deed verification and notice to vacate tenants. Ace Alliance offers end-to-end legal services for real estate management. Our arena includes commercial and residential property sale, purchase, and management. Making your life easier is our aim. We do it by conducting due diligence, advisory, and negotiation on renting out a commercial or residential property. We also help you out to get off any conflicts, or challenges in vacating tenants. We are experienced, legal matter experts. Our consulting team has the matter experts from Law domain. They have been guiding small to big builders and landowners for over a decade.

Legally Preparing for Renting

Commonly used as a lease, renting out any property means transferring the right of occupied immovable property. The one who receives this right is known as a tenant. He holds this right for a specific period in return for a certain amount (as rent), but not for a lifetime. Simply put, the owner can transfer this right to another person once the lease deed expires. Here, we appear in a key role. We make it legally bound by stating terms and conditions & the amount that your tenant has promised to pay. We generate a legal statement wherein the lessor and the lessee are clearly mentioned. We also define it clearly that the property is residential and commercial. This information also helps in deciding the rent.

The lessor and the lessee are the ones who are likely to enter the lease deed or binding contract. Our experts ensure that these two parties would be authentic and the property is immovable. We verify that the lessor holds transferable rights. Then only, we specifically add proper conditions of lease duration, determination, etc. in the Lease Deed. We ensure that these two parties have attested the deed like a bond.

Help in Legal Eviction of Tenant

Almost all states in India have rental control laws. With these, the tenants feel protected. It’s indeed a challenging task to evict some tenants. It is simply because they stick to some legal grounds. In this case, vacating them from the rented building is like chewing iron bullets. We help you with our expertise and knowledge. At first, we recommend all builders or housing owners get legal notice for evicting the tenant. For drafting, we are here to guide you. Certainly, that eviction needs some strong reasons. We guide you on this. Our experts also let you receive your rent directly in your account. There may be some strong pieces of evidence for avoiding eviction like fake medical reports. We help you to identify the fraud and show you the easiest way to get rid of them.

Besides, we tailor our legal services on your request to effectively and quickly find solutions for real-estate documentation-based issues.