A joint venture (JV) agreement is executed by a group of people or companies/organizations that want to venture into partnership over a venture or a project. Such an agreement does not affect their respective legal status. A joint venture agreement is legally binding on both parties. It clearly defines the scope of shared effort/disparity/and facilitates ways to share the profits and enterprise operations. The first step is the creation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the parties involved. After that is done and agreed upon a joint venture agreement is created.


  1. MINIMUM LIABILITY: A joint venture agreement allows a company/organization to work with another company/organizations, while still functioning as an individual legal entity. Thus, it is a minimum liability alternative for any company/organization where 100% FDI has been employed
  2. ACCESS TO NEW MARKETS: A joint venture agreement allows a company/organization to access new markets and resources. It also helps both parties involved to ensure that the risk is shared. It negates the known disadvantages that are usually involved for a company when it operates as a single entity


  • Two or more parties must have the desire of getting into a partnership or starting a joint venture
  • Each party’s investment in the joint venture is equal, or as per the terms agreed upon in the agreement
  • Each party is given duties and rights in regards to the joint venture
  • The partnership or the venture is governed by the terms of the agreement. These terms include the timeline of the agreement and share of each concerned party


  • The applicable law of the land
  • The shareholding pattern of the joint venture
  • The composition of the board of directors
  • The management Committee of the joint venture company
  • The frequency of board meetings, and the venue where such meeting will be held
  • The general meeting and the venue where it will be held
  • The composition of a quorum for important decisions at board meetings
  • The transfer of shares terms and conditions
  • The Dividend policy of the joint venture
  • How funds in cash or kind will be employed in the company
  • The change of control in the company
  • Restrictions/prohibitions on assignment
  • The non-compete parameters
  • The confidentiality clause
  • The indemnity clause
  • The terms decided for break of deadlock
  • The Jurisdiction for resolution of dispute
  • The termination criteria and notice

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