Legal services are significantly required for the smooth functioning of your business and personal life. There are certain formalities and procedures that may be hardly aware of. Here, you need legal assistance. Ace Alliance does it all. We are a group of leading professionals from corporate and law domains. Our assistance gives you a confidence and assurance to carry out things rightly. In case of any wrong happening, we advise you about how to correct documentation or registration related to personal, corporate, employment or property-based matters.

Contract Compliance

Contract compliance is based on conformance with a set of rules and regulations by private & public parties, standard bodies, industry associations and government bodies. Our experts understand that it needs some sort of oversight authority. We assist you on discovering the competent authorities for contract compliance. With it, it’s easy to prepare agreement for employment, consultancy, freelancers, terms of service & privacy policy, disclaimer, joint venture, general data protection regulation (GDPR), non-disclosure agreement (NDA), memorandum of understanding (MoU), franchise, services, and vendors. We also draft legal notice for cheque bounce and money recovery.

Corporate Compliance

This compliance is related to an organization’s internal policies & procedures, and central & state laws. Our legal matter experts assist you to enforce compliance for legally registering & regulating corporate practices. We ensure drafting, blueprinting and creating the proof of enforced compliances as a partnership deed and Section 138 notice. With these practices, we save your organisation from fines and lawsuits. Our advisory enables your employees to report concerns and foresee violations of the standard of conduct, inconsistent administration of policies and associated legal matters.

Real Estate Compliance

The real estate compliance is associated with the rules and regulations. These all govern properties and their complementary components. We have dozens of customers seeking a valuable solution for lease deed of commercial and residential property. Our expertise helps you to deal with tenant’s issues legally. With our supervision, you can send a notice to vacate tenants for ending up conflicts. Our legal consultants can prepare it for you on being requested.

Property and Personal Compliance

Certain concerns about your property can turn into a nightmare. These may be related to property title, its registration, its succession certificate, legal heir certificate, sale deed, Gift deed, RERA complaint, residential rental agreement, & will probate. You might be looking for a trustworthy and experienced legal professional for name/ religion/ gender change, mutual consent divorce, consumer complaints, legal notice, public interest litigation, marriage registration, ad court marriage. Ace Alliance can help you with legal assistance on their registration and getting these certificates. For corporate, family and college immigration, we are always there to guide you.

Website Policies Compliance

Website policies compliance refers to website regulatory rules and regulations. We are expert in drafting & advising on personalised terms & conditions, privacy policy & disclaimer for your website. In the absence of these all, your website and its related data can be misused by hackers. We introduce you to register your Intellectual Property in no time.