A number of towns in specific geographical locations across India have emerged as dynamic industrial clusters which contribute in a handsome and substantial manner to the country’s exports. These “INDUSTRIAL CLUSTERS” which are rooted in history, symbolise the bursting forth of the free market spirit. They are essentially a collective response to the common problems of competitiveness.

Some of these industrial clusters have become globally renowned manufacturing bases. Thus, it is very essential to grant recognition to these industrial clusters, with a view to maximize their potential, which enables them to move higher in the value chain and tap new markets for their exports. There are selected towns in India which produce goods of INR 750 crores or more. Suck towns are notified as TOWNS OF EXPORTS EXCELLENCE, based on their potential for growth in exports. However, for the TOWNS OF EXPORT EXCELLENCE in the Handloom/

Handicraft/Agriculture/ and Fisheries sector, the threshold limit for the same is INR 250 crores.