Export Promotion continues to be a significant thrust area for the Govt. In sight of the prevailing macroeconomic scenario with emphasis on exports and to facilitate numerous measures being undertaken to stimulate and diversify the country’s export trade, promoting the Development Assistance (MDA) scheme is under operation through the Department of Commerce to support the below-mentioned activities:

  • Assist exporters with export promotion activities abroad
  • Assist Export Promotion Councils(EPCs) to undertake export promotion activities for their product(s) and commodities ;
  • Assist approved organization/trade bodies in undertaking exclusive non-recurring innovative activities connected with export promotion efforts for their members ;
  • Assist Focus export promotion programmes in specific regions abroad like FOCUS (LAC), Focus (Africa), Focus (CIS) and Focus (ASEAN +2) programmes; and
  • Residual essential activities connected with promoting promotion efforts abroad.

Exporting firms with an f.o.b. worth of exports up to Rs. 15.00 crore within the preceding year are eligible for MDA help for participation in EPC etc. LED Trade Delegations/ BSMs/Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions.


Under Reverse trade visits for distinguished delegates and consumers (one person from every organization) for participation in customer and vendor meets, exhibitions etc. in India from the main target space Regions, exhibitions etc. in India, the foreign delegates/ buyer/journalists would be aided in meeting their comeback travel expenses in economy excursion category up to the entry in India. This would, however, be subject to financing solely the purposeful participation whereby the potential of the incoming delegate(s)/Buyer(s)/journalist(s) are screened by the specified EPC and district.




  • To enhance promoting capabilities & competition of the MSMEs. 
  • To showcase the competencies of MSMEs.
  • To update MSMEs concerning the current market situation and its impact on their activities. 
  • To facilitate the formation of consortia of MSMEs for promoting their product and services. 
  • To provide a platform to MSMEs for interaction with massive institutional consumers.
  • To disseminate/ propagate numerous programmes of the Govt. 
  • To enrich the promoting skills of the micro, small & medium entrepreneurs. 




  • The maximum net monetary fund support for taking part in a global exhibition/trade fair would be restricted to an overall ceiling of Rs. 30 lakh per event (Rs. 40 lakh for occupant countries).
  • They take into account that organizing the Domestic Exhibitions/Trade fair would rely upon the assorted parts of the expenditure, i.e. area rental as well as construction and fabricating charges, theme collapsible shelter, promotional material, printing material, transportation etc. However, the monetary fund support towards Overall expenditure for organizing such exhibition/trade fair would commonly be restricted to a max amount of Rs. 45 lakh. The corresponding monetary fund limit for participation in an exhibition/trade fair shall be Rs. 15 lakh.
  • Financial help are going to be provided starting from 25th to 95th of the Air-Fare and area rent to entrepreneurs on the basis of size and kind of the enterprise. Monetary help for co-sponsoring an event would be limited to 400th of the total expenditure, subject to a maximum amount of 5 lakh. The following advantages are provided in the scheme:

The maximum amount of help towards airfare, area rental & shipping/ transportation charges for General class (except Enterprises belonging to NE Region/women/SC/ST Category)


 Occupant alternative Countries

Micro Enterprises     Rs. 2.40 lakh     Rs. 2.00 lakh 

Small Enterprises     Rs. 2.10 lakh     Rs. 1.75 lakh 

Medium Enterprises     Rs. 1.25 lakh     Rs. 1.00 lakh

Advertisement, promotional material and theme pavilion: 200th of the total grant permissible under the above four sub-heads subject to a maximum of Rs. 20 lakh.

For Enterprises belonging to NE Region/women/SC/ST class and different advantages, related ins and outs of the above-mentioned scheme are found at:




  • MSMEs, business Associations and other organisations associated with MSME sector are eligible to apply.
  • Support could also be provided to numerous establishments, business associations and organisations engaged in promotion & development of MSMEs, for organizing exhibitions/ fairs in the country for the advantage of MSME sector. This support would be within the type of co-sponsoring of the event by NSIC. 

Find all details regarding the standards at


Application method

Applications/proposals seeking help under the scheme should be submitted to the Branch Manager of the closest workplace of the National Small Industries Corporation, with full details and justification in support of the application.