During the early stages of a start-up, the founders usually start to seek for start-up funding trough angel and venture capitalists, accelerator funds to grow the business. This is done to develop products, hire new management, help create the website and app and file for patents etc. Start-up funding usually covers all such costs. ACE ALLIANCE can help you with all your start-up fundraising ideas and requirements.


  • Seed round or seed funding: As the name suggests, a company gets “seeded” with the initial funds to create the business idea and bring it to the market. At this stage, the business may not have any working prototype ready and it may be still working towards developing the product
  • Series A: Once the company develops the product/service and that begins to gain traction, it approaches venture capitalists for the next round of funding, to help in its early stage of growth
  • Series B: By this stage, the business will have established a working business model and garnered some credibility in the industry. Now it would need additional capital to grow further which would help it expand operations and reach more customers
  • Series C: This round of funding takes place when the company has proved its worth in the industry and is looking to expand its customer base in new markets. At this stage the company may also be targeting acquisitions and innovating with other types of products. This may usually the last stage in a company’s growth cycle. After this stage the company will go for an Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Our team of tax and legal experts at ACE ALLIANCE will help with the best fundraising services to scale up your business. We will provide you with various fundraising ideas that can help develop your business in the right manner. After our experts have evaluated the stage and sector of your business funding needs, our team will connect you to the right investors who would be the perfect fit for your start-up. Our team will also help mentor you to improve your pitching skills, we will provide you specially curated content to help you understand and fundraising in a holistic manner. Our team of financial experts at ACE ALLIANCE will help you with business projections, the valuation of your company and any kind of financial planning your start-up requires. Our team of legal experts will ensure all the legalities are in place so that your rights and obligations are duly protected. Our team of compliance experts will do the right due diligence to ensure all issues related to that are in order.

Our team will also help you create an Investment Pitch Deck. The pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides information about your business model, products/services, monetization strategy, and your company’s market position.

Some of the components that will do into the pitch deck are as follows

  • The Elevator Pitch which is a brief paragraph on the pain point you are trying to solve with your start-up
  • The solution is the answer to the problem you have mentioned in your elevator pitch
  • The market analysis section will give insights about your chosen market, and a dense analysis of your competition
  • The USP talks about how your business differs from all the other businesses in the market, and why it will succeed
  • The business model describes how your business will add value. It will also mention the price the customers will end up paying for the product/service
  • The go-to-market strategy will talk about how your company will acquire customers and convince them to buy/use the products/services. Also, it will throw light on how this strategy will evolve
  • The current traction section will describe what all has been achieved by the business so far
  • The background of the founding team and key players will be mentioned in the pitch deck