GST Compliance in India 2022

GST or Goods & Services Tax (GST) is the biggest tax reform introduced in 2017. It applies to all Indian service providers, freelancers, traders and manufacturers. We, at Ace Alliance, make it easy to understand and address GST 2022 based issues or challenges. This GST includes Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi and VAT. Every step of the supply chain involves it. But, only a few ones are aware of its full set-off benefits. We present a crystal clear picture of what it includes and where to draw benefits from it. This is how you get a start-to-finish support on GST compliance.

Human-Free GST Compliance In India 2022

This is a digital era, where most of the government departments and businesses are shifted to the internet. Our experts guide you on how to smoothly go through the entire GST procedure online. Certainly, it does not require physical presence. We show you the way to get through it without any friction. With our assistance, the procedure turns out short and simple.

Consult On GST Inclusions

You need a proper guidance on the three stages of the supply chain. It is where GST applies. These stages are purchasing of raw material, manufacturing, sale to the wholesaler & then, retailer. Finally, it reaches to consumers or end users. We let you discover where it is put and how you can draw tax benefits through it. Our consulting team has matter experts that introduce you to advantageous schemes to get rid of tedious GST formalities and fixed payout.

Assistance on Procedure

Besides consulting, Ace Alliance is here to define a hassle free GST compliance journey. We help you in determining its components, input tax credit, GST registration, GST tax rates, GST return and GSTIN. Once got all clarification, you may seek our assistance on preparing of the GST application. Our experts also figure out the best solutions for a voluntary registration. In short, you find all support and assistance from our experts from scratch to filing GST return.

Penalties and Interest

There are different rules and regulations related to Goods & Services Act as per local, state and central government. So are the related penalties and interest. Any penalty causes a big monitory loss. We understand it and hence, come with the entire set of information on penalties. These are mainly categoried as Late Filing, Not Filing and For the 21 Offences. We ensure that you get rid of these penalties. For this, our experts let you discover the best legal ways in no time.